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"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

– Nelson Mandela

A human adventure

Alvernia Services LLC is a consulting and coaching firm dedicated to supporting companies and individuals in an ever-changing world. Its main mission is to contribute to personal and professional development and fulfillment.

Some of our values

  • Compassion

  • Resilience

  • Positiveness

A strong symbolic

A strong symbolic

Mount Alvernia is located on one of the 700 islands of The Bahamas. At only 206 feet above sea level, this irrelevant "peak" to the rest of the world has great significance to Bahamians, as it represents the highest point of their country.

The height of one's ambitions towards the world doesn’t matter, what is important is that one’s goals are high enough to themselves and push them to live out their dreams.

Whether in an individual or business context, there are moments in life when we are faced with situations that destabilize us to the point of losing our groundings and values. It is at these critical points in our lives that we must know how to stop, take a step back and surround ourselves with the right people in order to mobilize our resources to bounce back.

This is where consulting and coaching truly shine.

With proper guidance, anyone has the potential to achieve their goals or reach their full potential.

Expert in human and organizational development

With over 25 years of experience in Private Banking, Alvernia Services encompasses the following offerings:



Career development, compentency evaluation, expats support, burnout prevention ...

Strategic consulting

Project management, change management, organizational resilience, ...


"Revive" coaching

Patient and caregiver support, empowering resilience, positive thinking development, ...

Life coaching

Personal development, work-life balance, time and priority management, ...


« Positivité »

« Avec sa grande force de voir la vie toujours du meilleur côté, elle a su me faire prendre du recul et me projeter plus loin que juste sur une situation qui ne me convenait pas. »

« Au fil de nos discussions, elle a su me faire prendre conscience des blocages qui m’empêchaient d’avancer positivement. »

« Je la remercie sincèrement du temps qu’elle a passé à m’écouter et de l’énergie qu’elle a bien voulu mettre afin que je puisse reconstruire une vie pleine de projets. »

Fabienne – Assistante administrative à l’EPFL, Lausanne

« Attentive listening »

« Grâce au partenariat avec United World Coaches (UWC), j’ai pris toute la mesure et l’importance d’un accompagnement professionnel dans le but de donner de la verticalité à sa carrière.

Barbara listened attentively and made me aware of how I should express myself in relation to my skills and abilities.

Cela m’a aussi permis de me sentir libre à m’ouvrir à un réseau de personnes plus expérimentées qui pouvaient me faciliter l’atteinte de mes objectifs. »

Mahamane TOURE - HR Manager at the ICRC in Mali.

« Kindness »

« Barbara est très à l’écoute et positive.

By asking me the right questions and giving me courage, she helped me find the answers within myself.

Through her beautiful and radiant presence, Barbara helped me discover my inner resources and gently guided me towards achieving my goals, step by step.

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make changes in their life while being supported and guided with kindness. »

Carmen - Management IT Specialist
at the City of Geneva


« Empathy »

« I came into contact with Barbara through United World Coaches (UWC) at a time when my career slipped into an unexpected and deep crisis. Thankfully, in her I found not only someone to listen to my frustrations, but a grounding and constructive presence from the very first moment.

In our sessions, Barbara helped me to set objectives, understand my situation, and visualise many potential ways forward. In the end this led to me being able to attain a much needed sense of clarity and confidence about my professional future.

I doubt any of this would have been possible without a great deal of attentive listening, empathy and genuine interest for my wellbeing on Barbara’s part, but she was also very prepared to be firm and to challenge some of my presumptions which held me back.

While my direct circumstances are yet to change, my attitude towards the situation I find myself in certainly has. Without Barabara’s coaching I believe the light at the end of the tunnel would be far dimmer indeed. »

Pavle – Humanitarian Worker and Educator from Belgrade, Serbia.

Alvernia Services supports you in uncovering your strengths and defining your priorities to achieve your ambitions.